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18/11/2013 22:16

Saudi Arabia, Israel and France ready to Attack Iran if Geneva Accord Be On.

Israel Working With Saudi Arabia On Iran "Contingency" Attack   by Tyler Durden on 11/17/2013 09:26 -0500   When last week's Iran nuclear talks were blocked by France, it provided a useful glimpse into just who it was that...


08/11/2013 02:22

Russia & China Preparations to Nuke USA Inform.


08/11/2013 02:20

China Nuclear Attack to USA Plan Inform.


28/10/2013 23:17

NSA & CIA "Special Collection Service" Agents Posing as Diplomats in Embassies-Consulates 80 Locations World Wide

NSA/CIA “Special Collection Service” Agents Posing as Diplomats in Embassies/Consulates, 80 Locations Worldwide In Archive, CIA, NSA, NSA Files, Surveillance on October 27, 2013 at 11:31 PM h/t Cryptome 10/27/2013 SPIEGEL: … A...


10/10/2013 02:41

New Worries over Global Banks Accounts Confiscation.

92013 NEW WORRIES OVER CONFISCATING BANK ACCOUNTS Focus turns to FDIC-protected deposits By Dr Jerome CORSI, WND Greece announced it intends to take drastic measures to obtain the social security contributions owed by commercial enterprises in the country, without having...


03/10/2013 01:35

NWO End by World & USA Patriot Military Constitucional Coup Op.

NWO END BY WORLD & USA PATRIOT MILITARY CONSTITUTIONAL COUP OP. I’m like the Intelligence Global Operator of U.S. President Bill Clinton since 1992 know under code name ONE.  Are so hurry to contact all of you, for explain The “New World Order” Finish Op. The NWO End by USA Military...


10/09/2013 03:45

UN Syria WWIII Crisis End by NWO Governments Illegal Insurgency, Subversion, Sedition, Mercenaries,Terrorism and Military Attack Act of War against Syria ICC Gate Prosecution over Syria's Chemical Arms Int. Control Agreement.

SYRIAN WWIII CRISIS END BY UNITED NATIONS INTELLIGENCE, JUSTICE AND DIPLOMAT PEACE PROTECTION OWE DUTY ANSWER.   The West & Israel Governments Criminal New World Order Plan of the Entire Mideast Oil Assets Hostile Take Over use and be trade The Arab League Self Destruction War. Are on the...


04/09/2013 23:43

Saudi Arabia is behind Syria's Rebels Chemical Attacks.

Saudi Arabia is behind Syria's Rebels Chemical Attacks. As we showed mere days ago, it appears the truth of who the real puppet-master in the Middle-East is becoming plainer to see. The incredibly frank discussion between Saudi’s spy-chief Prince Bandar and Russia’s Putin exposed a much...


16/08/2013 03:48

Egypt Geopolitical Status Defense, Intelligence and Political Strategic Analysis.

EGYPT GEOPOLITICAL STATUS DEFENSE, INTELLIGENCE AND POLITICAL STRATEGIC ANALYSIS.   The U.S. New World Order overthrow the Former President Mubarak by him did put in Syria & Iran side, far of USA and Israel Interest. From the cause of Egypt's Intelligence unmask the West &...


11/08/2013 17:08

USA & EU Financial Derivatives Market U$D 1.4 Quadrillion Bubble Finish Forecast 2013.

USA & EU FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES MARKET U$D 1.4 QUADRILLION BUBBLE FINISH FORECAST 2013.   The Financial Derivatives Bubble has been create by USA & EU Governments and International Banks work how Enterprises Bonds, Mortgage, Pension Funds, Trade and...